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HI, I'm Dr. Michael Freeland

Dr. Michael Freeland earned his PHD from UGCSI and has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years.  He is a World Civility Ambassador and has received various awards for his diligent work in the United States as well as globally.

Dr. Freeland has created an annual conference behind his global initiative “Developing Your Mental Real-Of-State”, adding value and understanding to the lives of others around the world.  From this conference spawned an award system celebrating the impact and accomplishments of other upcoming and known leaders around the world.  There are two awards, “Mental Real-Of-Sate Community Award” and “Mental Real-Of-State Global Impact Award”. 

Dr. Freeland has been recognized for his efforts by many platforms and individuals.  He is the recipient of the World Civility Person of the Year Award.  His Royal Highness, SIR Clyde Rivers graciously presented this award for his continued efforts to bring awareness through Mental Real-Of-State throughout the United States and various countries around the World. He has received the Community Ambassador Award by actively uplifting and providing his services to others; helping to build and unite families and friends. He was given the Productive Business Entrepreneur Award for building a sustainable business which has grown for over 30 years and encouraged other individuals to become business owners themselves. 

In September, 2021, during his 1st annual conference, Dr. Freeland was awarded the rare yet very high honor of receiving a military service coin from retired US Colonel Margaret Fournier.  The coin was awarded for his ability to connect others at different levels and his civil abilities globally.  This coin was previously awarded to President Barak Obama as well as President Joe Biden.  It was also announced there is a direct initiative for his book: Free Your Land – Developing Your Mental Real-Of-State to be implemented in the libraries of U.S. prison systems as well as serve as part of a curriculum within juvenile detention facilities.

He recently spoke to 1st year medical students, doctors, and therapists as a representative of KC RARE (an organization which promotes the awareness of individuals living with extremely rare diseases) at the University of Kansas Medical Center.  His speech helped to bridge the gap between the needs of patients and the medical care of their doctors by supporting the “human” aspect of medicine. 

         Since late 2021, he has traveled to Nairobi, Kisii, and Nyamira, Kenya, to present the Mental Real-of-State Community award to three ambassadors who are changing lives through leadership, ethics, and the creation of facilities to better their communities.

         On August 20, 2022, Dr. Freeland hosted his 2nd annual conference in Kansas City, Missouri, where he and ten other speakers invited attendees to actively change their lives by identifying the positive and negative contributors of their minds.  Dr. Freeland delivered a message of hope and cautioned the audience not to “Allow their complaints to become their companions”.  He honored deserving recipients with awards in the categories of “Community”, “National”, “Global”, and “Lifetime Achievement”. 

         In October 2022, he traveled to Birmingham, England, to serve as an official advisor to HRH Sir Clyde Rivers.  While promoting World Civility, he introduced Mental-Real-Of-State to government officials, entrepreneurs, and investors.

         In June of 2023, Dr. Freeland traveled to Kwale, Nairobi, Kissi, and Kajiado to award international recipients who are changing the lives of their country through the building, transforming, and creating of opportunities to enhance lifestyles.  He is a peacekeeper of mental stability and encourages individuals to change their mindset so they can change their behavior.  He continues to trailblaze the world with a mission of change by helping others to develop and further their mental capacity.

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