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What is Mental REAL-OF-STATE?

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Mental Real-of-State is not just a phrase that was created. It is the absolute realization of what the mind can do against the odds of the physical challenges that are faced daily by so many.. I am the pure example of what Mental Real-of-State means. When you face the physical challenges of your body that hold you in a position where you can go no further... What do you do?

When you have lived your life under the guidance of others that have told you all of the things that you believe in are not able to be done because of the limited support,  resources, and abilities that you dont possess.... what do you do?

When the worst experiences that you have faced in your life have paralyzed your ability to move forward as you attempt to live a complete life.... What do you do?

Mental Real-of-State is not only the answer that leads you  back to the Real Of State of your mind but it serves as the solution to get you to your own resolution. The answer is not always found in others. It is found in you. 

I am Dr Michael Freeland and the reason I live today is contributed to the Mental Real-of-State of my mind. I can only pray that it's not too late  for you to realize the fullest potential of your Mental Real-of-State. 

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